TK Automotive Dyno day with the Ford Owners IOM. by Mathew Grant

I found out very last minute about this event but with it involving my friend Tristan, his business and fellow car enthusiasts there was no way I was missing out on it.

With not being apart of the Ford Owners group and finding out so late about this event I really didn’t know what to expect. I just hopped for a good number of cars and hopped for a good combination of old and new.

Saturday 23rd Febuary, 8am. A few fields in to this image the first car is being loaded on to the dyno.

Saturday 23rd Febuary, 8am. A few fields in to this image the first car is being loaded on to the dyno.

When I arrived I was quite surprised to see the lane up to the house empty. I had it in my mind that there’d be cars abandoned everywhere as theres not the greatest amount of space at the house. I kew someone was there as I could hear a car mid run. I took a walk up the drive and caught a glimpse of a familiar reg.


Anyone that hasn’t been to TK Automotive, the dyno is situated in an out building at his family home (Ballacottier campsite). This makes for quite a surreal rural location but perfect at the same time as its close enough to the main road for easy directions but far enough away from built up areas to not cause and disruption.


Tristan has taken the original building and with quite a substantial extension added to the front made this an ideal cell to house his dyno Developments four wheel dyno. Even with what looks like a low roof hight he still manages to fit the likes of a VW T5 in.


With all but one type of car being on before and a helping had from Kieran the process of loading, unloading and clearing faults (wheel speed sensors aren’t a fan of registering 100+mph on only two wheels) was really smooth and efficient. While the car on the dyno was on its last run the next in line would be out on a drive to warm up then left running ready to be loaded up.


Even with a handful of cars having quite deep front lips, the addition of a couple of planks and a lift on the wheel arches made them slide on in with minimal effort. (no cars were harmed in the making of this blog)


With a mixed bag of new fiestas and focus’s, the Focus RS has to have been my favourite car of the day. After only just having had a treatment from dc valeting and sounding just incredible while on the dyno it was hard not to love the car. Even Tony couldn’t help but get a video and be a hand model.

A couple of honourable mentions have to be Matty and his dads ST’s. Both have been reasonably modified and the attention to detail on the “tangerine Scream” ST is something else. Taking colour coded to whole different level!


One car that surprised not only me but I think everyone was quite shocked was the fiesta ST 200. Quite often manufactures will produce a car with a badged horse power and more often than not it’ll actually fall short. On this occasion the fiesta was super consistent and made bang on figures.


Numbers and performance aside, the day went really well and everyone seemed to really enjoy the day. Tristan was as professional yet interactive and down to earth as always and happy to offer advice where requested. There was even a chance to compare graph overlays on screen and everyone received a print out of all their runs.


Before i close out the blog I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Tristan and the Ford Owners IOM for letting me document the day and sticking a camera in their faces. I will leave the links to both their Facebook pages at the bottom.


Again a big thank you to Tristan at TK Automotive for allowing me to document the day and probably being rather annoying getting in the way.

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